Soft Pouch Bag

soft pouch bag

Product Description

The Soft Pouch Bag is made from soft neoprene and mesh and is ideal for holding water bottles by your side. They come in a range of Hi Vis colours and come in both the Belt (Utility Guard) or Belt loop (Glove Guard) attachment.

Part Numbers

Code End Colour
GG SPB Glove Guard® Blue-Black
UG SPB Utility Guard® Blue-Black
GG SPB OR Glove Guard® Hi Vis Orange
UG SPB OR Utility Guard® Hi Vis Orange
GG SPB YW Glove Guard® Hi Vis Yellow
UG SPB YW Utility Guard® Hi Vis Yellow
GG SPB GR Glove Guard® Hi Vis Green
UG SPB GR Utility Guard® Hi Vis Green