Open Mesh Bag

Product Description

The Open Mesh bag is ideal for holding gas monitors, mobile phones and small tools. It is available in both Orange and Black in three different sizes. The Open Mesh Bag comes in the Belt (Utility Guard) attachment or the Belt loop (Glove Guard) attachment, both with the 'safety breakaway' feature.

Part Numbers

Code End Colour
75mm x 125mm
GG OMB3x5BK Glove Guard® Black
UG OMB3x5BK Utility Guard® Black
125mm x 200mm
GG OMB5x8OR Glove Guard® Orange
UG OMB5x8OR Utility Guard® Orange
GG OMB5x8BK Glove Guard® Black
UG OMB5x8BK Utility Guard® Black
175mm x 250mm
GG OMB7x10OR Glove Guard® Orange
UG OMB7x10OR Utility Guard® Orange
GG OMB7x10BK Glove Guard® Black
UG OMB7x10BK Utility Guard® Black
UP OMB7X10BK Utility non breakaway version